Repair your computer with the right computer repair person

Gone are the days where computer repair scams were on the fringe of our society.  Nowadays, with everyone having broadband internet access at home, several computer stations, and most likely a home network, wired or wireless, computer repair companies are now under the microscope for honesty.

This type of computer repair business can be very lucrative, because eventually, over time all computers are going to break down. This means there are literally millions of customers out there who have broken machines that need fixing. If you can do it for them, you can charge top dollar and earn good money fixing computers.

The report then shows how they essentially set up a test for some of the leading computer repair and service companies. They used a UNLV computer expert to simply unplug a hard drive – a very simple, easy, cheap fix for any of the companies to solve.

Then they took this computer to several computer service outfits to see how they reacted. The results were a little scary but not terribly shocking.  Computer repairs can be tricky, but as the old saying goes – it’s not rocket science. Computer repairs Ipswich will provide their best person to keep your privacy safe in the time of repairing your computer.

Almost all the companies in the study misdiagnosed the problem. Several wanted to replace the hard drive. Even a few of the companies said they would need an entirely new computer. Two companies got it right and did the right thing by fixing it on the spot.

What is the lesson to be learned by such a study?  The report identifies few timely tips to follow before looking for any computer repairs in-

1. Ask family, friends and your company’s IT department if they have a shop they can recommend.
2. Call several shops and ask them about their diagnostic and repair fees. Find out how long the average repairs take. Make sure they guarantee their work.
3. If the costs seem major or expensive, get a second estimate.
4. Ask them to give you back the original parts.

Our biggest piece of advice — Don’t judge a company by just one report and one technician who works there. Many companies have several different techs, and diagnosis can be different among the techs.  If you are unhappy with your service, ask for the manager or the owner to explain why and how they will make it right for you.

Our second biggest piece of advice — Get multiple quotes and don’t put your trust in any one person or company.  You have to do your homework. Just like auto repair shops who get a bad reputation around town, computer repair companies can have those as well.